Marshall McLuhan Quotes

“Affluence creates poverty.”

“The scientist has great trouble looking forward past his problem because his knowledge gets in the way. It is only the very ignorant person who can get past that problem because he is not fogged over by knowledge. When you’re looking for new answers to new questions, it is knowledge itself that blocks progress. It is knowledge that creates real ignorance, just as wealth creates poverty. Every time a new discovery is made, enormous new areas of ignorance are opened up.”

“It is the environment that changes people, not the technology.”

“Any specialist is going to see to it that his specialty is protected against any invasion from any quarter.”

“The natural tendency is to use any new technology for the old purposes.”

“Presumably people tend to know least about the things they're most imposed upon by. There seems to be a mechanism of protective inihibitions so the people automatically seal off the areas where experience is maximal. They seem to know least about the areas that they are most involved in experientially.”

“The artist, the enema of society, points out things that many people would prefer not to notice.”

“Today's child is bewildered when he enters the 19th century environment that still characterizes the educational establishment, where information is scarce but ordered and structured by fragmented, classified patterns, subjects and schedules.”

“If it works, it's obsolete.”

“Politics offers yesterday's answers to today's questions.”

“We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us.”

“You mean my whole fallacy's wrong?”

“Violence is the quest for identity.”

“A point of view means a static fixed position and you can't have a static fixed position in the electric age. It's impossible to have a point of view in the electric age and have any meaning at all. You've got to be everywhere at once whether you like it or not. You have to be participating in everything going on at the same time and that is not a point of view.”

“Children are the messages that we send to the future.”

“Our Age of Anxiety is, in great part, the result of trying to do today's job with yesterday's tools and yesterday's concepts.”

“The ignorance of how to use new knowledge stockpiles exponentially.”

“We look at the present through a rear-view mirror. We march backwards into the future.”

“Education is war declared on the young.”