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Alias: maxCohen is an alias.

Summary: Student of God, Benedict, Merton | web practitioner and lifelong learner | Truth Matters | EXCELLENCE without perfection | Mantra: READY, FIRE, AIM!

Work Why Statement: Using my God given gifts to be creative in a small, trusted group so simple, people first solutions are created.

You are responsible for your own actions so don't blame me if you do something I suggest or mention. Don't be offended by what I say. Even if you were I'm not sure I'd really care because everyone seems to be offended by everything.

Stuff I say are my own little thoughts that have nothing to do with anyone I may or may not work with or for.

Passions: making minimalist websites for the web (as a whole), user experience design, accessibility, content writing, mobile lifestyle, and many other things.

Not passions: mission statements (don't get me started, let's do mantras! or Why statements and Tom Peters agrees with me so there!), core values (the list of things that a group is bad at), strategic plans (because nothing gets done), and design by committee.

What happened to your personal online presence?
I'm part of the IndieWeb (1996-). I blog/journal (2000-). I used to have a LinkedIn account (various years, 2017), Facebook account (for about 3 days some years ago), Twitter account (2008-2016), and ... well, other accounts. Doing things that others are not into is something I love to do. Not for its own sake, it just happens to work that way. But then "everyone else" started doing blogging, tweeting, LinkedIning, Facebooking, and so many other things. It just wasn't fun anymore. I still love making interesting things, like sites. The problem is social media became "global masturbation" (Andrew Keen) and there's just too much garbage (see Sturgeon's Law).

For that reason, don't be surprised if you have never heard of me. I'm not someone famous or popular or whatever. I'm just me.

So where are you at?
SenseAntisense: my main site and where projects go.
Hugh Boone: a journal