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Why Working Hard Leads To FAILURE...


Why don't people work hard?


Inside Seth Godin's Masterclass | 97th Floor Mastermind


Notes of the Presentation

Marketing isn't spaming people, isn't making average stuff, for average people, and it isn't about yelling or getting the word out. It's about making work that matters for people who care.

Organizations don't like that even though the wrong way doesn't work.

What do you make? Change. Otherwise why show up?

So then we think we have to make it better, which has no real definition, because better is in the eyes of the customer. "Not better you but better for them."

Average is the enemy in the search for better. Everyone else is pushing average and wants you to do too. The masses and average are the same thing.

Talk about uncomfortable words when it comes to marketing...

Practical empathy is being willing to serve someone with your story not to be selfish and meet your sales quota. It's OK that someone else believes what they believe, you can still serve them. If you don't accept that they believe what they believe they won't listen to you.

Seek the smallest viable audience. Ignore the rest so you can delight the small audience.

Change - every new idea doesn't spread instantly.

Tension is created every time change shows up. Will it work? What will happen next?

Status Roles is just a public display of who is up and who is down. It's all that theatre is about. It's true everywhere. We're hyper-aware to where we stand compared to whom we compare ourselves to.

"Brand marketing is unmeasured on purpose." If you see a Hershey bar commercial on TV we don't run out and get one. The internet changes it with direct marketing which is measured.

Are we building a brand? Which isn't a logo, it's trust, which is connection, which is interaction.

Build it regardless of what you can measure.

Super Bowl ads are stupid because you pay a premium to reach the average people, not the specific people.

Don't try to measure the ad for a brand because you can't. When you try to measure you'll get fake data which causes you to do bad things moving on.

Positioning as a Service - you get to draw the picture, not to be selfish. All the elements have to be OK. You're performing a service for those you serve. Send them to your competitor when it's something you don't do.

Enrollment - Mandatory education almost never works. When you're enrolled in the journey you are there to learn. You choose to learn. Customers have the same choices. We have to earn the enrollment. Don't hustle.

Your idea will spread not because you want it to but because the people you serve want it to. People tell others.

Build it to share so it can be shared.

The people we serve will be better for it.

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