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A Guide to Comments

Comments for blogs and articles allow people to respond with their opinion as if that opinion is equal to all and helps interact with your customer/reader so that conversations can occur. Um, no. For years this and similar blanket statements have perpetuated this. It is a myth because evidence proves otherwise based on how humans act differently than prescribed and planned. Here is a non-comprehensive list of the types of commenters who, generally, do not add to the conversation at all.

Yes, there are situations that the owners of articles do want to interact with their readers because of a common goal but seriously, that is not common. And no, posting anonymously isn't cowardly. It's a right and some people may have to post that way. (No, I'm not talking about free speech cases where people yell "Fire!".)

What about me? It is rare for me to comment but when I do I always endeavor to be a Commenter. Life is too short for the rest. For the most part, I've found writing an email to the author the better route. Then I can have a conversation with them if they choose to talk to me.