The Attention Battle

'Our minds can be hijacked': the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia

The battle for attention intrigues me. It has for many years and what intrigues me the most is the battle against mind control. While people say that privacy is dead there can still be a way to achieve it. It's difficult, but not impossible, as long as we continue to have a cash society. The extinction of cash, that one, lonely factor, would make privacy almost impossible. At that point we'd either need a benefactor, someone we could totally trust with our money who would buy everything or us, or live off the land 100%. There is always the alternative to just give in but that will not do; it's something we can't afford.

Beyond the legitimized paranoia of a surveillance society just becoming mindful is hard. Imagine being in the present and totally in focus on what you are doing, in the zone. The two, privacy and mindfulness, are different but related in that both are being stolen by corporate dominance in our lives and necessary for peace of mind and security. Here are a few ways I'm trying to get back the mindfulness and privacy, which have been written about countless times all over the place and go eyond this humble list.

  • Meditation - it's amazing. It's a great way to relax, come into focus, and de-stress. All those things you hear in the advertisements are actually true. The app Headspace is a great way to start. The basic sessions are free. I haven't tried the subscription service so I can't comment on that, yet.
  • Social media - it's gotten boring and everyone does it so I've left it. Getting rid of it freed up the nervousness of wanting and actually continually checking for updates. And I don't mean reduce social media, I mean remove it, completely.
  • Music - tames the savage beast I've been told. Don't care if that's true, but it does help with mood. Everyone is different so find the perfect playlists for yourself. And yes, you need more than one playlist depending on mood and so you don't get tired of the same songs. If you can afford it, get a subscription service. Then you don't have to been jarred back from your zone of peace by commercials. Don't forget to try nature sounds too. If that's your thing, you might want to get the White Noise app (mobile or desktop). It's a one time cost to add onto the free sounds and there is a good library of items to choose from that even community members can add to.

Remember, it's your life, not a government's or corporation's, and you can keep it that way. There's plenty of people to bring you down and convince you otherwise. For me, I will continue my steps and seek God to help keep my sanity.