Ad Dystopia

We're building a dystopia just to make people click on ads | Zeynep Tufekci

For many, this talk will be an eye-opener, which in itself is scary. Here are a few points I'll give on the excellent talk.

  • "Now, if authoritarianism is using overt fear to terrorize us, we'll all be scared, but we'll know it, we'll hate it and we'll resist it." - This is not a foregone conclusion as this century's history alone has proven.
  • "I read the many well-intentioned statements that these people put out. But it's not the intent or the statements people in technology make that matter, it's the structures and business models they're building. And that's the core of the problem." - And it's those statements by the companies that are the con.
  • "If you start typing something and change your mind and delete it, Facebook keeps those and analyzes them, too." - I am glad there is evidence of this and not from this talk. This had been a fear of mine for a few years, especially when I might put in a password when creating an account and change my mind. This paranoia would probably serve you well by also not using/relying on virtual keyboards that might appear in desktop operating systems like Tails.

Bottom line: we don't need Facebook, it's an option we choose to use and it's a lie to say otherwise.