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Category: Poem

The end temptation

That evil whispering pursed
its lips and silently told
me yes, do it, do it now.
From that darkness I escaped
to lay outside its door.

I write

I write, when the depression slows upon me.
I write, when the paranoia beckons me in.
Who will be next?
Who will hate next?
Where is the relief?
I write, wondering why it is this way.
I write, wondering why it is born again.

There is great seclusion inside me,
a hollowness that haunts and twists me in the wind.
I feel time-worn.
I feel brittle.

My heart throes with an arrant sadness,
a pit of death inside my depth-less conscience aches.
I feel anguish.
I feel stricken.

Lamentations of a lonely soul,
a desolate past, uncollected memories.
I feed abandonment.
I feed abdication.

My body stands on earth,
my soul in hell.
I hear the screams it makes,
burying my body.
Those screams can’t block them.
Those screams just hang in me.

The shivering never stops,
cold holding me tight.
I want my soul back,
to arise above, not below.
Those screams heard alone.
Those screams demonic hate.

A body shakes from the sounds,
fighting it away.
I keep asking for it to stay,
not at all knowing why.
Those screams echo when gone.
Those screams to kill me.