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When will clothes be digital content that can be downloaded and worn?

I am surprised more people don't perform surgeries on themselves or their friends. People come up with ideas on their own thinking "they know" something works without knowing at all about the topic. So many times they are wrong or worse it ends in disaster.

If your best candidate for a job makes $100,000 per year at their present job and you can only, honestly, offer $80,000 or $50,000 per year offer them the job. Just because it's less money doesn't mean they won't take it.

I think there are three types of people to talk to about a personal problem or issue.

1. Lukewarm - those who listen or pretend to listen but don't really care to be bothered by you.
2. Warm - those who know how to empathize and, if they can, try to help you through it.
3. Cold - those who turn it back on you and blame you for it.

[Open teams based on respect and trust are critical to get things done.] -
Human expertise: it’s not what you know, it’s who… -

Been catching up on Tom Peters' work. How can employers care so little about their employees? How can they, just as human beings, not care about the welfare of others? And yet, Tom Peters has to repeat the same thing over and over and over again.

Is it really that difficult for organizations to realize they cause health issues? - There’s only one thing office employees really need for “wellness” -

Have you noticed that when someone kills their self they are "mentally disturbed" as if that is an excuse that allows us to not feel bad for failing to help.