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It's odd how little matters. And how painful loneliness is.

That feeling you get when you have to call customer service for a return of an item and it's not Apple or Amazon and you worry it's going to be a fight even though their terms state you can return it no problem and you've met their conditions and still you know it's going to be a problem.


That feeling when it turns out it wasn't a problem. Thank you Georgia!

"Well that's just human nature." If that's the problem, then find the solution, don't let it be the excuse.

Is not wanting to be in pain selfish?

Three kinds of corporate mediocrity | Seth's Blog -

No person is a Christian for himself or for herself. — Fr. John Riccardo

There are times that knowing that you are not the only one that something has happened to in a certain way is helpful.

Keeping score is for basketball and for football, not for love. — Fr. John Riccardo