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I realize it's asking for a lot but with so many privacy conscious mobile OS attempts you'd think people would come together with their resources and create a single, free software solution rather than the multiple failures. Purism comes close but why not come together to create a decent hardware phone too?

How to make free software sound like a cult. -

At some point in your life there are times that you just have to admit defeat. It happens more often than you'd like. It's hardest when you know you are right but the cost of proving it and fighting someone just isn't worth it; whether it's for the other person's sake or yours it's OK to just stop. (2 Timothy 2:23)

Even after watching "Interstellar" again I still don't understand the point of leaving Earth to start over. As if humans will be any different and not destroy their new environment. A Godless society is Godless wherever it lives.

Maybe pretty pictures are better if you prefer not to read about the Dunning–Kruger effect. --

Time for people to review the Dunning–Kruger effect. -

Children are starving. Women are starving. Men are starving. All 3 are being murdered. Poverty continues as the rich get richer and buy statues of silver rabbits. And in my world people are wanting to use an accordion on their website.

"We live in dangerous times." Seriously? If you're going to use that lyric there's no way I'm listening to the song.

And there will be such intense darkness, That one can feel it. - Exodus 10:21