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Why are computer systems and interfaces imposed on humans and not human needs imposed on computers systems and interfaces? Because we have not experienced the computer revolution.

Copyright Office Ruling Issues Sweeping Right to Repair Reforms -

Join the repair movement. -

I would really like to run my own radio station. My own shows, my own topics, music of my choice and host other people's great work.

I'm amazed, daily, how weak I really am.

Customer Service has become so rare. (Notice I don't say good or great customer service, because customer service either works or it doesn't.) I don't mind spending more time on something or a little more money for something where there is customer service. If you want to see what customer service is like call Apple or Amazon. If you want no customer service, well, check almost anywhere else. *cough* *cough* (WalMart)

Prayerful Thanksgiving

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James talks about praising God and then spewing hatred toward our fellow humans with the same tongue.  This passage helps when we are wronged.  I could give a lengthy narrative about how a wrong has happened, but what good would it do?  If we are wronged, we may have our reasons why will not patronize a certain business again, but we don't necessarily need to list the grievances.  Yes, it could be used as a warning to others not to use that business, but not when it's done in spite.  Perhaps prayerful thanksgiving is enough that a resolution has occurred.




Thank you

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Thank you to all you internet people who make great projects and share what you learn. You may not be famous to the world, but you're so helpful and famous to me.

And especially to that One! person, that great person, who helps me live.