Some Thoughts I’ve Had

Been thinking about this for a couple years so here is a stream…

Mind you, I am an incredibly wired person, I grew up with tech, and I love my tech job, but let us face reality.

  1. The American Dream is a dream state (lie) created by corporations and government through advertising.
  2. The Web (Internet?) is a lie from what it was to be.
  3. AI is only to create profits by removing the employee and nothing more.
  4. The web has created a humanity of sheep which is voluntarily done.
  5. The United States of America is not God’s chosen country. That is a lie from the establishment to control the religious, especially the conservative Christian base. It’s also a lie to help make those who serve the military industrial complex have a clear conscious when killing others.
  6. Privacy is not dead, it’s just become too hard to maintain it.
  7. Fear is a commodity to keep the sheep in-line. Fear that the wolf will come at night and devour you. Fear truly is the mind killer (Frank Herbert).
  8. Modern warfare is made to increase profits, not to protect the rights and freedom of the people.
  9. “Top Secret”, “Secret”, “Classified” are all words used to cover the sins of people and avoid responsibility.
  10. Justice is for those who have money to pay for it.